B.G.T Lakeview Offering the Best Asian-Italian Fusion

One of the most popular style of restaurants in the food industry today is fusion. Many restaurants in Kuala Lumpur have welcomed this idea and now provide many fusion style dishes. One of the more high end fusion restaurants you should definitely visit is located on the restaurant strip in Petaling Jaya and is called B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant and Bar.

B.G.T. Lakeview is one of the best restaurant in town that offers cuisine that is Asian and Italian Fusion, the taste that their dishes proved is one of a kind and customers are eager to taste this enjoyable and special food. The dishes are prepared in a traditional manner but many dishes are switched up and innovated by the chefs as they come up with their recipes.

There are so many things to chooses from, its amazing. At lunch a vast variety of dishes featuring pasta are offered with such popular ones as is pasta a la Carbonara or the all time favorite pasta Bolognese and so much more. You could not possibly just take my word for it, these pasta dishes must be tried to understand how truly delicious they really are.

spaghetti carbonara
The leading pasta item on the B.G.T Lakeview menu has got to be their Spaghetti Aglio Olio. For the last seven years this pasta has been an all time favorite among their customers, it is the one ordered most often; their best selling dish and try as they may there has not been one dish that could come close to taking it’s place.

If you love your seafood than you will love this pasta being as it is covered by the most delicious array of seafood. From Prawns, squid and mussels all generously served you will love the flavor they add. The chefs at B.G.T. Lakeview prepare this with an Aglio Olio twist with a dash of garlic and chili at the end to tie the dish together.

Many a restaurant believe that hot=flavor and then end up completely masking out the delicious seafood flavors but not here, there are no overpowering flavors of garlic and chills in this dish. Now you may be very interested in this pasta dish but also curious about the other pastas they offer, well this is your lucky day being as this pastas dish is in fact part of their all you can eat lunch menu so you get to try a bit of everything pasta.

A pizza menu is an absolute must at any Italian restaurant and that does not exclude the restaurants that serve Asian-Italian fusion. B.G.T Lakeview serves the best pizza being as they do not use a conventional oven but rather an actual wood fire oven. You have never really experienced pizza until you have had a properly made pizza cooked in a firewood oven.  The taste the fire wood gives the pizza is amazing, the essence of the wood adds a fruity and smoky essence whose flavor combination is unable to be beat. This is one of a kind, the only wood oven pizza you will ever find in all of Asia and by far the best tasting pizza in all of Kuala Lumpur.

The Surroundings are Unbelievable

It is true that the thing to bring you to B.G.T Lakeview is going to be the food but it will be an around amazing experience in part to the beautiful view it offers. The restaurant is located right next to one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Petaling Jaya. The ambiance is one of peace and relaxation making for an amazing and unforgettable dining experience.

Stop by and try the food and check out the location and maybe you will be inclined to ask B.G.T Lakewood to host your next big event. They have a beautiful and large room available for all you special events from birthdays, anniversaries, get together s and weddings. If you have a location in mind you can still enjoy the delicious food B.G.T Lakeview provides through its catering service at any location of your choosing.

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